Have questions? Want to know more? Check out our FAQs below: 
  • How often do boxes ship?
Boxes ship monthly. You can pause your subscription at any time. 
  • What ages are the boxes suitable for? 
Our boxes are for ages 6 through 11 though we have seen a lot of parents & grandparents enjoying the boxes just as much. 
  • What countries will I get? 

We like to keep the surprise element of being transported to a new country every month! We don't reveal the sequence of countries but you can be sure of exotic locations, tons of learning and hours of fun! 

  • Can I send this as a gift?
Absolutely! We have tons of grandparents, uncles and aunts sending these boxes to their favourite children, especially since Covid has made meeting in person exceptionally difficult. 
Just tell us when you check out that this is a gift and we will email you when the boxes ship. 
  • What if I have two or more children? 
Get in touch with us! We can create sibling boxes at a discount! You would get 2x crafts & activities. No need for two or more concurrent subscriptions! 
  • Can I test before signing up for a subscription?
Definitely! Kids can be tricky. Just order our first box- the World Box. It would give you an idea of what's inside each box.
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