About us

As caregivers, we are at a unique advantage to nurture the curiosity and open-mindedness that our children are born with.

We can introduce them to the beauty and strength that lies in accepting and celebrating differences. 

And thus, Mini Marco was established. With the purpose to create the next generation of Mini Marco Polos. For when children learn about other cultures, customs and traditions, they become more open-minded and compassionate. Our aim is to help children grow into adults that thrive in multicultural environment, rather than fear or resist it. 

We are parents, educators and travelers who want to share our love for travel with our future generations. While we cannot travel in this era of Covid-19, we can bring the world to our children. We can teach them about various countries from the comforts of our living rooms in an engaging, fun manner. 

We hope Mini Marco brings your family joy and awareness in equal measure. 

Keep moving, 

Team Mini Marco




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